Portland Disability Justice Collective

Portland Disability Justice Collective

About Us

The Portland Disability Justice Collective is a project of The UPRISE Collective. We are a grassroots social engagement and support group by and for queer/trans, black, indigenous, multiracial folks and people of color (straight/cis/white disabled folks are welcome, but not centered) sick, disabled, Mad/mentally ill, D/deaf/HoH, low vision/blind, neuroatypical, or otherwise chronically ill people who are in Portland OR and Vancouver WA, to deepen our understanding, practice, and self-reflection of disability justice and mutual aid.

Mutual Aid

Ten Principles of Disability Justice

From Sins Invalid

  1. Intersectionality:

    “We do not live single issue lives” –Audre Lorde.  Ableism, coupled with white supremacy, supported by capitalism, underscored by heteropatriarchy, has rendered the vast majority of the world “invalid.”

  2. Leadership of those most impacted:

    “We are led by those who most know these systems.” –Aurora Levins Morales

  3. Anti-capitalist politic:

    In an economy that sees land and humans as components of profit, we are anti-capitalist by the nature of having non-conforming body/minds.

  4. Commitment to cross-movement organizing:

    Shifting how social justice movements understand disability and contextualize ableism, disability justice lends itself to politics of alliance.

  5. Recognizing wholeness:

    People have inherent worth outside of commodity relations and capitalist notions of productivity. Each person is full of history and life experience.

  6. Sustainability:

    We pace ourselves, individually and collectively, to be sustained long term. Our embodied experiences guide us toward ongoing justice and liberation.

  7. Commitment to cross-disability solidarity:

    We honor the insights and participation of all of our community members, knowing that isolation undermines collective liberation.

  8. Interdependence:

     We meet each others’ needs as we build toward liberation, knowing that state solutions inevitably extend into further control over lives.

  9. Collective access:

    As brown, black and queer-bodied disabled people we bring flexibility and creative nuance that go beyond able-bodied/minded normativity, to be in community with each other.

  10. Collective liberation:

    No body or mind can be left behind – only mobbing together can we accomplish the revolution we require.

Ten Principles of Disability Justice

Read our Syllabus on Google Drive! It was created as a resource to learn more about disability justice and mutual aid. The articles, chapters, and facebook posts are generally pretty short and can be investigated at your own pace.

You may be interested in Care Work by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (audiobook available here) and Skin, Tooth, and Bone by Sins Invalid. Alice Wong’s Disability Visibility Project was recently released. You may also be want to read dean spade’s Mutual Aid Syllabus, which includes resources about many mutual aid movements.

Check out Pod Mapping and Mutual Aid, written by one of our members, Rebel Sidney Black, and shared by thousands of people around the world! You can find the Spanish translation here and the French translation here.


Check us out on Facebook! We have a page that’s open to the public, as well as a group that’s specifically for sick and disabled folks in the Portland Metro OR and Vancouver WA area. We would love your participation. We included a feed of our Facebook page here so that you can see the articles we post without having to be on social media.

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